Advanced Technology for Musculoskeletal Healthcare


According to the World Health Organization, 1.7 billion people worldwide live with musculoskeletal disorders. These disorders are known as the biggest cause of movement disability and an important factor in increasing the risk of suffering from various serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system diseases, chronic pains of the skeletal system, psychosomatic diseases, etc.

Efficient Treatment Starts From Intelligent Diagnosis

Clinical Musculoskeletal Labs

Complete package of assessment devices in an integrated compact system. Step by step clinical evaluations (structural and functional), orthotics design and manufacturing, corrective exercise prescription and more in Ortho-Station MSK labs.

Foot Scanners

Foot scanners are classified into two groups of pressure analysis scanners (PEDYN Series) for functional examinations and shape scanners (PIXO Series) for structural analyses and dimensioning. Both are required for foot assessments and orthotics design and manufacturing.   

Spine and Posture Assessment Gadgets

Easy to use, accurate and radiation-free handheld gadgets for spine and posture assessments. Not only real-time evaluations, but also recordable documentation through wireless connection to the PC.


CAD/CAM Orthotics Manufacturing

A great variety of approaches for orthotics (insoles/sandals) manufacturing with CAD/CAM solutions. Remote or in-site production, milling, 3d printed or MFJ methods.


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