ORMILL-130C is the perfect solution for clinicians who want to produce EVA insoles in their clinic or workshop. The device’s cabin comes equipped with a dust collector system that effectively minimizes the spread of dust during operation to ensure a cleaner working environment.

CADSOL3D is a powerful specialized software tool developed by ARAMED for design of custom medical insoles and sandals. This software provides all the necessary design tools for O&P specialists to create a customized therapeutic insole. The output of CADSOL3D software can be easily transferred to ORMILL-130C to produce patient’s insole.

Features and Applications

Parameters Values
110×90×160 cm
Working Area
40×40×12 cm
250 kg
0.1 mm
Milling Time
Up to 15 min
Power Supply
220 V, Single Phase
1.5 kW, 24000 rpm
Movement Mechanism
Linear Guide, Ball Screw
Axis Motors
Stepper / Servo

EVA Insoles

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