If you are a medical service or medical engineering center and you intend to provide centralized CAD/CAM orthosis manufacturing services to a chain of clinics under your category or to clinics in the surrounding geographical area, we are with you. In this case, our services for you include the following:

1- Start the CADSOL3D server and install the admin version of the software in your center

2- Teaching your personnel to work with the admin version and network management

3- Identifying the best technology that can be used for your network (including manufacturing methods with CNC, manufacturing with 3D printing methods or jet fusion, based on the type of orthoses considered, budget allocated for initial investment, power (buying clients and scheduling delivery of orthoses)

4- Choosing the right option for the production method, including local production in your center or outsourcing production (based on the potential of your center, current costs and initial investment estimate)

5- Installation and commissioning of devices and automation for the production of custom orthotics at your center (if you choose the on-site production option)

6- Setting up an online receiving and payment system to connect the financial connection of the clinics network to your center

7- Setting up labeling and packaging system

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