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Advanced Technology for Musculoskeletal Healthcare


According to the World Health Organization, 1.7 billion people worldwide live with musculoskeletal disorders. These disorders are known as the biggest cause of movement disability and an important factor in increasing the risk of suffering from various serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system diseases, chronic pains of the skeletal system, psychosomatic diseases, etc.

The highest level of diagnostic technology

MSK Labs

Complete evaluation of the musculoskeletal chain from the sole of the foot to the C7 vertebra

The most accurate stand-alone systems

Scanning Systems

Functional and structural scanning of the feet, spine and posture with the most accurate systems

Comprehensive Solutions for Manufacturing

Orthotics Manufacturing

A great variety of approaches for orthotics (insoles/sandals) manufacturing with CAD/CAM solutions. Remote or in-site production, milling, 3d printed or MFJ methods

Receive Complete Solutions

Services and Solutions

Special services for the business owners and clinics, including R&D services, OEM production, setting up orthotics manufacturing network etc.

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This is only a small part of our achievements for the last year.

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Manufactured Orthotics

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Installed Devices

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Installed Labs

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