Why Functional Musculoskeletal Labs?

Biomechanical assessment of the musculoskeletal system is always a challenging work for specialized practitioners. Musculoskeletal chain is composed of several dependent rings which are in close physical interaction. Such a complex system needs an integrated multifunctional examining system that accurately assesses all the rings independently, and simultaneously considers them as connected components of a unique chain.


Ortho-Station, powered by ARAMED is an innovative platform which captures all aspects of the biomechanical chain through a fully predefined protocol. The user-friendly software guides user to have a comprehensive quantitative analysis on all rings of the biomechanical chain.
All clinical restrictions, including time and space limitations, economic efficiency, harmless examinations (X-ray free), ultimate accuracy and durability of hardware are guaranteed to provide the practitioner a wonderful experience.

Ortho-Station is For ...


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Unlimited Access



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Ortho-Station Steps

Dynamic Pressure Analysis

  • Foot pressure analysis during gait
  • CoP Trajectories Analysis 
  • Center of Pressure Excursion Index
  • Force, Pressure, Area Temporal Curves
  • Frame by Frame Contours Survey

Static Pressure Analysis

  • Weight distribution analysis 
  • Pressure distribution in standing mode
  • Stabilometry exams (open and close eyes, various timings, etc)

Foot Posture Analysis

  • Ankle pronation / supination 
  • Automated foot posture index calculation

Quick tilts & Joints ROM Measuring

  • Shoulder & Pelvic Drop Evaluation
  • Pelvic Anterior/Posterior Tilt
  • Knees Imbalances Measurement
  • Spine Exams in Upright Position
  • Spine Functional Exams (Scoliosis Forward and Lateral Bending, Hyper Kyphosis, etc)
  • Joints ROM Assessment
  • Wireless Connection to Computer
  • Printable Report Generation

Back & knees analysis

  • Infrared/laser whole body scanning
  • Full automated posture, spine and knees  analysis in coronal and sagittal planes
  • Smart leg length discrepancy measuring
  • Smart LLD compensation treatment plan validation

Spine Complementary Exams

  • Sagittal View:
  • Kyphosis Angle
  • Lordosis Angle
  • Kyphotic & Lordotic Apex Heights
  • Trunk Overall & Segmental Inclinations
  • Vertebral Segmentation and Analyses
  • Coronal View:
  • Lateral Deviations
  • Cervical / Pelvic Deviation
  • Overall & Segmental Mobility Analyses

Foot Scanning

  • 3D laser foot scanning in weight bearing mode
  • 2D foot imaging 
  • Full automated foot arch analysis
  • Export to insole design software (CADSOL3D software)

Insole Manufacturing

  • CAD/CAM insole & sandal design
  • Fully customized manufacturing with 3d printer or milling machines

Corrective Exercises

  • Individualized corrective exercises prescription

Models and Configurations

Models Data Sheet

Parameters PS2 OS2 PRO2
Plantar pressure during gait
Standing weight/pressure distribution
CoP trajectory analysis
Stabilometry graph
Ankle deviations
Postural tilts analysis (without markers)
Pelvic anterior-posterior tilt
Generating diagnostic hypotheses
Back surface topography analyzer
LLD interactive simulator
Spine complementary assessment
3D Foot scanning
2D foot scanning
Orthotics design software
CAD/CAM orthotics manuf. machine
Gait analysis system
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