If your strategy is planning to equip a complete center, from diagnostic and scanning systems to orthosis design and manufacturing, we are with you. In this case, our services for your collection include the following:

1- Identifying the best diagnostic equipment according to the activity of your center, including the use of single systems or laboratory packages for musculoskeletal analysis

2- Installation and commissioning of diagnostic and scanning systems

3- Identifying the best technology you need to make CAD/CAM orthoses, including CNC manufacturing methods, 3D printing or jet fusion, based on the type of orthoses you are considering, the budget allocated for the initial investment , the purchasing power of clients and the timing of delivery of orthoses

4- Installation and operation of orthosis manufacturing systems in your center or connecting to the online CADSOL3D orthosis production network

5- Teaching how to work with devices and software and participating in regular Aramed workshops to get the latest experiences in clinical examinations with Aramed systems and to receive effective solutions in the optimal design of compensatory orthoses.

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