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Why Functional Musculoskeletal Labs?

Biomechanical assessment of the musculoskeletal system is always a challenging work for specialized practitioners. Musculoskeletal chain is composed of several dependent rings which are in close physical interaction. Such a complex system needs an integrated multifunctional examining system that accurately assesses all the rings independently, and simultaneously considers them as connected components of a unique chain.

Ortho-Station is For ...


Unlimited Access

Foot Pressure Analysis


Unlimited Access

Stabilometry Exams


Unlimited Access

Foot Posture Index


Unlimited Access

Interactive Postural Evaluation


Unlimited Access

Back Surface 3D Scan


Unlimited Access

Spine Assessments


Unlimited Access

Smart Data Analysis


Unlimited Access

Insole Manufacturing


Unlimited Access

Corrective Exercises


Ortho-Station, powered by ARAMED is an innovative platform which captures all aspects of the biomechanical chain through a fully predefined protocol. The user-friendly software guides user to have a comprehensive quantitative analysis on all rings of the biomechanical chain.
All clinical restrictions, including time and space limitations, economic efficiency, harmless examinations (X-ray free), ultimate accuracy and durability of hardware are guaranteed to provide the practitioner a wonderful experience.

Diagnostic software + orthosis design
Mouse Spinal Device
Digital tilt meter
Computer trolley
Smart LLD simulator
Foot laser scanner (3D)
Fluorescent scanner (marking)
Surface topography of the knee
Surface topography of the back
Foot pressure analysis platform
Orthosis CAD/CAM system

. Smart Protocol

. Whole Chain Assessment

. Treatment Simulation

. Insole Design

. Corrective Exercises

. Treatment Monitoring

Three (3) Models Are Available:

Parameters PS2 OS2 PRO2
Plantar pressure during gait
Standing weight/pressure distribution
CoP trajectory analysis
Stabilometry graph
Ankle deviations
Postural tilts analysis (without markers)
Pelvic anterior-posterior tilt
Generating diagnostic hypotheses
Back surface topography analyzer
LLD interactive simulator
Spine complementary assessment
3D Foot scanning
2D foot scanning
Orthotics design software
CAD/CAM orthotics manuf. machine
Gait analysis system
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